by Andrea Dawn ClarkCollections
February 1, 2017

Beauty Underground, an independent collective of award-winning platform artists, went to Reykjavik, Iceland, recently to shoot this collection exclusively for American Salon.
The coastline in Southwest Iceland is characterized by peninsulas, coves, straits and islands. Over thousands of years, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions shaped the area where Reykjavik, the capital city, is located. After the Ice Age, the glaciers melted and the topography began to look as it does today. “I felt personally connected to the place and had a profound sense of wonder at what I was seeing,” says Charlie Price, who chose the location for a photo shoot with other members of the Beauty Underground Artistic Team, including Shareena Hansen, Katie Nielsen, Jake Thompson and Jeremy McDougle. “I hate to use the word spiritual, but that’s how it was for us,” Price says, “There was something sacred, almost otherworldly about this place.” In fact, the team kept slowing down to take photos of the breathtaking vistas. “We had to stop or we would never have made it to our destination.”
Makeup Shareena Hansen, Fashion Stylist Charlie Price, Model Eskimo Reykjavi

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