Color & Cut

Each of our cuts include a consultation, shampoo, scalp massage, and blow-dry. Our artists work with you to discover the perfect design for your personality and lifestyle. We educate you in the use of products and offer complimentary bang and neck trims to ensure your hair will always look its best.

Deep Conditioning Treatments
Whether you want to detoxify your hair or repair damage from chlorine and blow drying, we have the solutions for you.

* Ask your stylist to recommend the correct products and tools to maintain the health and beauty of your hair.
* Prices may vary according to length, thickness, and condition of hair.

Picasso Color Group

With unlimited options available, hair colour can range from subtle sun-kissed highlights to bold and dramatic streaks. Colour can instantly update your style, accentuating your features and enhancing your skin tone. Confer with your stylist and discover the infinite benefits of hair colour.

Corrective Hair Colouring
During the complimentary consultation the price for corrective coloring will be quoted. Please be aware that color correction may take two or three visits to obtain satisfying results. We ask that you adhere to our home hair-care routine.

Permanent Wave
Extra body, defined curl, and ease of style. Whatever your personal needs are, a custom look will be created just for you . Relax and let our experts exceed all your expectations.

Thermal Straight
Permanently straightens curly and wavy hair, minimizes static and fly always, Intensive Reconditioning Therapy through the use of New Technology.

This new technological breakthrough in hair straightening provides straight, shiny, healthy and conditions the hair, imparting a new, smoother texture never before achieved with a chemical service.

* To prolong the life of your colour, we highly recommend the use of our customized shampoos and conditioners.
* Prices may vary according to length, thickness, and condition of hair.