Picasso Hair Extensions

Picasso Hair Extensions uses great products and great artistry to create the beauty industry’s highest quality natural extensions. Natural hair extensions only happen with the highest quality human hair. Picasso has the edge on custom color blending and blends to match virtually and hair color. All Picasso human hair has been individually hand selected – strand by strand – for our extensions. The finest European, Remy and Russian hair are used to create the Picasso natural hair extensions. You can easily adjust the length, volume and thickness to create your perfect
customized look.

Picasso natural hair extensions offer you both length and volume – undetectable hair extensions. After the extensions are attached, they can be cut to various lengths and will last for up to three months. in addition, these extensions can be washed and styled the same way as your natural hair. The extensions blend into the hair in a natural way.
No one will know … unless you tell them!

Picasso extensions are today’s leading professional hair extensions.