Permanent Cosmetics
Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Make-Up(also known as micropigmentation, cosmetic tatooing, intradermal pigmentation) is a method of applying natural or synthetic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. This technique has been medically developed and specifically designed for safe, permanent application. Permanent make-up is used for a variety of permanent make-up enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and lip color. This technique can also be used to treat stretchmarks, scars and areolas. Beneficial for those clients who: are active and want to save time, have poor eyesight,
have allergies to make-up, are physically capable of applying makeup, wish to correct asymmetrical facial features, desire freedom from make-up.

Eyebrows. $375
Properly shaped eyebrows will enhance your face shape and frame your eyes without domination your features.

Eye Liner. $375 (upper liner $275, lower liner $200)
Soft color can be applied as an enhancement or a thicker defined line for more dramatic effect. No more runny, smudgy eyeliner. Great for contact wearers.

Eyebrow and Eye Liner Combo. $700
Full Lip. $550
Lip Liner. $400
Eyebrow, Eye Liner & Lip Liner Combo. $1,000
Eyebrow, Eye Liner & Full Lip Color Combo. $1,150
Camouflage Consultation; Beginning at $250
Correction Consultation; Beginning at $250

All prices for Permanent Cosmetics include one free hour long touch-up within 30 days. Thereafter, touch-ups per hour are $150. Additional sessions following the first visit will be charged accordingly. *Price may vary according to desired shape